Sep 14 2016

Confirmed Case of West Nile in St Lawrence County

New York State has confirmed the second and third cases of West Nile in the state this year.  Remember your mosquito prevention for both your family and your pets.

The following is the report from the Department of Ag and Markets:

We are reporting the second and third confirmed cases of West Nile Virus for 2016 in NY. We share this information with everyone because it is important for both you and your clients to take precautions against arboviruses.  In addition to the equine and zoonotic disease threats, arboviruses such as EEE and WNV may impact dogs and other species.  Your clients are well-advised to reduce their animals’ exposure to mosquitoes.

West Nile Case #2 –;

  • 18 yr Mare – Lisbon, NY – St. Lawrence Co
  • 8/23 PM – Owner noticed horse with swelling in leg, asked for vet to check
  • 8/24 – Initial vet visit found the leg was not swollen but that horse was actually neurologic plus:  blind, ataxic, depressed, dysphagic, non-febrile and almost fell over when circled.
  • Current on Rabies and EWT vaccinations but not West Nile vaccination and no recent travel history.
  • Euthanized 8/24 PM, results confirmed at Cornell 9/8 through WNV IgG and IgM Capture ELISA.
  • Veterinarian says this horse was located about 5 miles from a presumptive WNV case in 2015.

West Nile Case #3 –;

  • 23 yr Gelding – Manorville, NY –Suffolk Co
  • 8/31 – Owner noticed horse with front leg paresis, paralysis
  • 9/2 – Vet visit found what appeared to be radial paralysis in the R front leg, then affecting the L front leg. Horse subsequently went down and exhibited whole body tremors. Interestingly, the following symptoms were not seen during physical exam: fever, blindness, abnormal mentation, abnormal cranial nerve exam findings and dysphagia. These symptoms have been commonly seen in WNV cases in NYS.  
  • Not current on any vaccinations and no recent travel history.
  • Euthanized 9/2 – despite poor vaccination history and suspicion of rabies, owner refused to submit brain for rabies testing.
  • Results confirmed 9/8 at Cornell through WNV IgG and IgM Capture ELISA.

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